For the longest time, I wouldn’t share any of my drawings or paintings. I would store them in a big folder and after a while I would forget all about them. After high school I stopped making art. I attended one portrait class at a local art school, but even though I got encouragement from my family and friends, I didn’t keep it up.

When I was in the MET Museum in New York I stumbled upon a painting called ‘The Mountain’ from Balthasar Klossowski. The painting sucked me in and unleashed a sense of calm I’ve never felt before. I spend so long just staring at it, even though I’m usually more into paintings from different styles, like romantic or rococo paintings. I promised myself I would start making art again when I got home. But when my feet where firmly back on home soil, I once again got swept up in day to day life.

A few years ago, on a whim, I bought a few Copic markers. I came home and started drawing. I got sucked in again, but this time I didn’t let anything stand in my way. I quickly returned to the art shop, to extend my little collection of art supplies and I haven’t looked back since.

Now, everywhere I go, in my mind I’m storing details, shapes and lines in my head, to recreate them as soon as I’m can get my hands on a pen. I quickly learned to never leave the house without my little sketchbook and my pen case. It can unwind me after a stressful day and fuel my energy on a dull day. But unlike before, now I want to share it with you, because if my experience in the MET Museum thought me anything, it’s that’s where the power of art truly lies.

This is why I’ve created this little space on the internet to share with you my love of art, be it in the form of paintings, fashion, drawings or beauty. I hope you find in it a place to satisfy your curious mind and fuel your creative spirit.