An Ode to Flowers


I’ve always loved flowers.  Flowers have a way of enchanting me with their irregular, soft shapes. The way that their colour seem to shift with the slightest movement. However much I love flowers, I don’t like the way we have to cut them down to enjoy them in our home. Flowers usually only last for a few days before they hang their majestic crowns downwards.

A few weeks ago I was at a fairly new shop in my neighbourhood called Sostrene Grene, a Danish lifestyle shop filled to the brim with the coolest (is it very uncool to say cool?) trinkets you never knew you needed. Whilst browsing through the shop I stumbled upon some beautiful flowers. My hands were immediately reaching out to stroke their soft petals. Only then I realised they were fake flowers. Plastic representations of their fragrant sisters.

Remembering how the beautiful flowers that were gifted to me for my birthday had withered away so quickly, I could see the benefits of having flowers in my house without the guilt. Tempted by their lifelike forms, I bought some of fake flowers. They now have now found a permanent home on my cupboard and I can enjoy them as long as I like.


Thinking of fake flowers, I think of flower crowns. Nowadays you can find the most beautiful flower crowns in almost any fashion store and you can’t browse through festival photo’s without bumping into the most elaborate floral constructions. Flower crowns are also fun to draw because they really spruce up a headshot/portrait drawing and allow you to practice drawing flowers from different angles. That’s why I have used the flowers I bought at Sostrene Grene as inspiration for a new drawing. Below you can see a close up of the final piece.

I really loved colouring in the different flowers and figuring out which colours worked together well. I knew beforehand that I wanted to use soft, pastel colours for the flowers and berries as a contrast to the dark leaves, but in the end I wanted a little pop of colour and made the yellow berries a bit brighter. It took me a while to decide on a nice background colour. I felt white would be to stark and therefore I picked muted orange almost immediately after I laid the first sketch down. After finishing the complete piece I felt the orange was a bit too much and I settled on a soft, creamy pink.

If you wanna see the full drawing head on over to my Instagram page or Etsy shop!